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  • Improved body composition, fat loss & lean muscle mass
  • Studies show it enhances metabolic rate & thyroid production
  • Superior cortisol modulator & appetite suppressant
  • Increased metabolism & enhanced fat loss when dieting
  • Dramatic results, no other non-stimulant fat loss supplement compares
  • Stacks well with stim based fat burners for even faster fat loss


SKU: 640841668597
  • When it comes to diets people tend to rely on stimulant based fat burners to deliver rapid results but while stimulants are great at crushing appetite the body eventually adapts to their presence making them less effective. 7-OXO is a non-stimulant fat burner but works just as quickly by optimising cortisol levels leading to fat loss which is particularly prominent around the midsection where most people struggle to burn fat.

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