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  • World exclusive release of a nootropic like no other
  • Potently stimulates neuron and neurite growth
  • Enhanced dopaminergic action
  • Focus, concentration and performance
  • A world apart from stimulants that get you high and make you crash
  • Long acting results - unlike caffeine or other nootropics which fade quickly


SKU: 640841668900
  • 9-MBC is a nootropic agent of surprising potency and multifaceted utility, as it possesses many mechanisms of action:

    - It potently stimulates neuron and neurite growth

    - It is neuroprotective, and can protect the brain and CNS from toxin-induced damage

    - It is strongly dopaminergic and possesses stimulant properties, thus can improve cognitive markers like reaction time

    - It improves the efficiency of the respiratory chain, leading to potentially enhanced cognitive and athletic performance

    - It increases the rate of neurotrophin synthesis, which can lead to memory and learning enhancement. It is, in short, the most well-rounded and effective nootropic available. It delivers clean stimulation, and sharper, faster thinking. And unlike so many other nootropics, the effects of which are disappointingly transient, the pro-cognitive benefits derived from 9-MBC should be very long-lasting.

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