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  • Stronger inhibition of estrogen than formestane, arimistane and aminogluthemide
  • Increases muscle density and strength
  • Burns fat and lowers water retention
  • Increases natural testosterone and lowers cortisol
  • Improved libido and mood
  • Reduces inflammation in adipose tissue leading to fat loss
  • Potent glucose disposal properties leads to enhanced glycogen storage in muscles and loss of body fat
  • Direct activation of SIRT1 increases muscle insulin sensitivity


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  • Alchemy was carefully engineered to fulfill a single purpose: To inhibit aromatase as strongly as possible, so that estrogen levels decline dramatically and rapidly while supporting a reduction in cortisol and a rise in testosterone. The endocrine shift Alchemy elicits will not only help to prevent the estrogenic side-effects of androgens, it'll eliminate water-retention, increase free testosterone, and improve your performance at the gym.

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