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  • Pure Anatabine 115% more potent than Anatabine Citrate
  • Provides strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces joint pain and stiffness and improves functionality
  • Powerful nootropic for enhanced memory and attention
  • Ingredient backed by scientific research
  • Suitable for everyday use


SKU: 653407203101
  • Taking Hydrapharm Anatabloc give you a psychological edge for the gym or for those occasions where you need to be at the top of your game mentally. The ingredient has been shown to display enhanced nootropic abilities, such as improved memory and attention, in clinical studies and will guide you through any occasion that is mentally taxing. The anti-inflammatory effects it displays can also provide joint relief for those individuals with aches and pains around the joints. Please note that compared to previous anatabine supplements, Hydrapharm Anatabloc is 115% more potent on a mg for mg basis as previous supplements contained 2mg of anatabine citrate NOT 2mg of pure anatabine

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