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  • More research proven performance enhancers than any other supplement in history
  • Uses exact same doses shown in research to have any ergogenic effect
  • Whey protein and BCAA's for muscle growth/recovery
  • Palatinose keeps blood sugar optimised to enhance body composition
  • Creatine nitrate for strength and pumps
  • Agmatine, beta-alanine and nitrates improve vascularity, pumps and muscle endurance
  • Trimethylglycine extends endurance, lowers cortisol and increases oxygenation of muscles
  • HMB improves muscle recovery and strength
  • Creatinol-O-Phosphate aids performance and healing
  • Neuro-cognitive matrix extends focus and work capacity


SKU: HYD1012/448/1369
  • Quantum contains more performance enhancing nutrients, each proven in human research, at clinically validated doses than anything else. With a dozen potent ergogenics it is untouchable as a supplement capable of improving performance for anyone no matter their goals.

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