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  • Fast acting supplement
  • Enhances non-REM sleep
  • Improves mood
  • Increase GH and IGF-1 naturally
  • Better sleep improves gym performance
  • Be more alert and attentive with improved sleep


  • Revival utilises a blend of 7 ingredients that provide a host of beneficial effects. Each ingredient works in a unique way to either calm the mental and physical system, promote the onset of sleep or to benefit non-REM sleep. While many of us are aware that sleep duration matters, it is not so commonly understood that sleep quality is just as important. A long sleep, of which the majority is spent in the 'light' phase, may still result in impaired cognition, performance, recovery and even immune function for the subsequent day(s). You may have heard the phrase 'sleep to grow', sleep deprivation causes reductions in anabolic hormones testosterone, GH, and the GH-related growth factor IGF-1, not to mention an increase in cortisol and hunger hormones - a recipe for disaster. Revival quickly optimises every variable that goes toward a good sleep, from time to fall asleep to duration and quality.

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